January 7, 2014


Sharing Personal Details and Security Details

by Master
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Hello Chatters,

Read our blog contents before you look forward into our chat rooms. We always advice our chatters and website users to follow rules and regulations strictly.

1. Do not share any personal details like ( mobile numbers, emails, credit card details, security numbers )

2. If you share any personal details in our main or public chat we are not responsible for your own activities.

3. Do not blame us for your careless mistake and breaking our international Chat rules.

4. We never store your any information’s in our chat server or history. Once you log-out all the files and chat history will be deleted from the system. It is a flash chat room when you chat or send message it goes to the other chatters and will be in their own system. We never store any kind of data’s into our system for security reasons.

5.  So far its is a international adult chat room, only  persons above 18+ only allowed to chat in our room.

6. Newchatworld.com never ask our chatters or users to share their details or others details to any one in this room or anywhere in this page. All we do is we provide free chat to people who want to have some fun.